Genesis 12:3 says: “I will bless those who bless you…”

Those that bless the children of Abraham will be blessed; they will be blessed with happiness and health, success and wealth, security and peace!

You will bless the Jewish People, the children of Abraham, by sending $18 to help, feed, clothe, shelter and educate the Jewish people. That blessing will be reciprocated by our very own High Priest that will be blessing you each month. The blessing from our Kohane will be for your general welfare, unless you would like a specific request through your member page. The general blessing asks that God should grant you happiness, health, financial security and peace. Our prayers have positively impacted millions of people and we hope to improve your life as well.

If you believe in God and you believe in His Bible, the Holy Torah given to the Children of Israel on Mount Sinai after freeing the Israelites from their bondage in Egypt with open miracles, then get ready to change your life for just $18 per month.

Why $18? Each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet corresponds to a number. The letters that make up the number 18 spell the word Chai, which means life in English. Are you ready to change your life for the better?

We want to offer you a double benefit. Make a monthly contribution to our organization and accomplish two wonderful goals. Your contribution will go to improve the physical and spiritual lives of many Jews and, because you have blessed Israel with your worldly goods, God will bless you.

We are living in uncertain times. We hope that the difficulties experienced in this generation mean that the final redemption is near when the glory of God will be revealed for all to see and the place of the Jews will be secured. In the meantime, however, God’s special people are suffering from shortages of essentials and circumstances have made it more difficult to find relief from the traditional sources.

To this end we have secured the services of a direct descendant of Aaron the High Priest. This man is not only a Priest but also a trained rabbi and counselor. He will be at your service to extend to you God’s blessings as well as being available to give you advice on dealing with life’s ups and downs and answer questions on what God expects of you according to the Covenants that He has made with our ancestors.

You might ask why doesn’t the Priest simply bless the Jews instead of blessing gentiles so that they can bless the Jews? The truth is that the Priest does bless the Jews. But God has His own plans for how His gifts are bestowed. By involving the gentile world, God is expressing His concern for all of His creation. He so much wants to bless you but He is waiting for you to give Him a good reason to bestow that blessing upon you. Here is your opportunity. Show God that you love Him and His People and He will bless you.

He will bless you.

Mission Statement

There are many people that believe in the power of prayer. There have been documented studies demonstrating that those that pray regularly live longer and are healthier than those that don’t pray regularly. We believe that we can help people, change people’s lives for the better. We ask that they try for three months to see if their lives have not improved, generally and in the specific areas that they need God’s intervention.

Say what you want about the Jews but you have to acknowledge that they have tremendous staying power. Over the thousands of years since Creation other nations have come and gone while only the Jews are still here, witnesses to history. Over time we notice something extraordinary. Those nations that treated their Jewish citizens well prospered while those that persecuted their Jewish citizens eventually felt God’s wrath. This is a fulfillment of Genesis 12:3. God promises Abraham that He will bless those who bless Abraham (and his descendants) while those who curse the Jews will be cursed by God.