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No open miracles. An open miracle removes free will. If someone is rewarded after every good deed and is punished for every bad deed, they will comply, but not on their own volition. Therefore, the reward for choosing to have faith in God will be diminished if it is so obvious that we should believe in God.

Your request may take time before it is realized. You may wish for instant wealth, but God may realize that you are not ready to handle it yet. The number of bankrupt lottery winners is staggering. The number of child stars that have become addicted to drugs is unsettling. Clearly, they were not ready for their wealth. With wealth, you cannot know who truly is a friend.

God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is “No!” God actually wants your prayers, not that He needs your prayers, but He wants how the prayer impacts you. You humble yourself, acknowledge there is a greater being that can actually deliver your prayers. Praying for things, as little as a parking space or as great as a cure from a terminal disease, changes your outlook on life. If you believe, as you should, that everything God does is for the best, then you will be happy with whatever results you get from your prayers.

God knows what is truly best for each of us. As an example, you may want wealth, but God knows that it may not be best for you right now. You walk into a shoe store and ask the salesman for a size 13. He tells you that you are a size 10, but you insist on a size 13. He brings you the shoe you desire in a size 13 and you are swimming in the shoe. The salesman returns with the style you wanted in a size 10 and it fits perfectly.

If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel at anytime. Before canceling, we ask that you contact us so that we may be able to determine how to best address your needs.  Either way, that consultation is free.  Get blessed by an original descendant of Aaron the Kohen, the High Priest of Israel, Moses’ older brother, for just $18 per month. You may cancel at any time.

Get blessed by an original descendant of Aaron the Kohen, the High Priest of Israel, Moses’ older brother, for just $18 per month. You may cancel at any time and receive up to three months of payments will be refunded immediately upon your request (less $1.00 for processing, postage and handling).

God’s blessings are a mighty force in this world and He bestows them gladly on those who see it as their mission to care for His unique People. And from among the Jews, God chose one man to be a conduit for the Divine blessings. This man was Aaron, the brother of Moses. He and his male descendants were to become the Priests, the Kohanim, and one of the tasks of the Priests was, and still is, to bless the People.

Invest in your future; invest in your health, invest in your happiness, invest in your success, invest in your marriage, invest in your job, invest in your security.

If you believe in God and you believe in His Bible, the Holy Torah given to the Sons of Israel on Mount Sinai after freeing the Israelites from their bondage in Egypt with open miracles, then get ready to change your life for just $18 per month.

Why $18? Each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet corresponds to a number. The letters that make up the number 18 spell the word Chai, which means life in English. Are you ready to change your life for the better?