• Health

    There was a sick baby born in our community. The doctors were not sure if the baby would live, but if it did, it would have severe retardation. The entire community was grief stricken. We prayed fervently and an open miracle happened. One day the baby had no brain activity and the next time the doctors checked, the baby had normal brain activity. This beautiful child just celebrated his first birthday. I was there, praying, the entire time. Lisa B. Hollywood. Click here to submit your own.

  • Happiness

    I was in a very stressful business situation with an overbearing boss that screamed and yelled and just raised everyone’s blood pressure. I was not in a position to leave my job so I just prayed that God would somehow resolve my terrible situation. It took years of praying, but one day, out of the blue, he just announced to our entire office that he was leaving to pursue another opportunity. Our lives changed for the better overnight. David G. Dayton. Click here to submit your own.

  • Love and Relationships

    I was 35 and single.  I have had many boyfriends, but none seemed ready to marry and I felt like I was running out of time.  A friend suggested I meet with a Rabbi who invited me to a singles weekend retreat.  I met several interesting prospects, but nobody from that weekend every contacted me.  I met with the Rabbi again and he asked if I was praying for a match.  I told him that I often told friends or family that I was looking.  He asked if I ever told God.  I said “no.”  It seemed trivial to me, with all the other problems God was already dealing with.  The Rabbi told me that God is waiting for me to reach out to him.  It wasn’t two weeks after I started talking to God about my prospective husband and asking for God’s help that I received a FaceBook friend request from someone I met at the singles retreat.  Now, six months after we became “friends,” we are engaged.  And, the Rabbi has agreed to officiate at my wedding. Judy S. Wichita. Click here to submit your own.

  • Wealth

    After a health condition used all of our savings, my wife and I found ourselves fighting a foreclosure of our home.  We had found prayer to be surprisingly helpful in combating my wife’s illness, so we were not hesitant to ask God’s help with our finances, although it seemed very materialistic, as opposed to fighting for one’s life.  My wife and I both prayed, separately and in our own style.  It wasn’t long after we started to pray that I was offered a tenured position in the University where I had been an assistant professor.  Along with the position came University housing on the campus.  We were able to walk away from our home with minimal loss and sell one of our cars to start building a nest egg and get ourselves back on our feet.  Just six months after we started praying for financial help, my wife and I are helping others with their financial burdens. Kevin L. Phoenix. Click here to submit your own.

  • Job and Employment

    When my husband passed away at 59, I was forced to go back to work, after 35 years of being a homemaker.  My children were encouraging and they helped me polish up my resume, but with the economy being what it was and with me being out of the workforce for three decades, the going was tough.  I was forced to move in with one of my kids when I couldn’t maintain the payments on my apartment.  I saw my son praying every day.  He seemed to have everything and I asked him what he was praying for.  He told me that he has been praying since he graduated college and his life has been near perfect.  He asked me to try it.  I was nervous at first, not knowing what to say.  But after time, I felt more comfortable and soon was able to articulate exactly what I needed.  It wasn’t six weeks when I was offered a secretarial position at my grandkid’s school.  It paid me enough to move out on  my own—maybe, my son got what he was praying for after all. Jennifer B. HaverfordClick here to submit your own.

  • Business

    After many successful years, 9/11 shut me down.  I had created a unique gadget for travelers that Homeland Security included on their prohibited list.  I was forced to sell my inventory for pennies on the dollar.  After paying creditors, I had nothing left.  I had time on my hands and began going to church.  My priest suggested I pray for success.  He told me to take any job I could to get back on my feet.  I began delivering pizzas just to stay alive.  After lamenting with old business colleagues and joking about delivering cold pizza, we collaborated on a pizza warmer for cars.  A year later, we sold the patent to a large pizza chain and, now, I am richer than ever.  I am working with the same team to retool my original gadgets in conformity with Homeland Securities requirements.  This may be the biggest deal yet. Dennis M. Fort Myers. Click here to submit your own.

  • Security

    After college, I was not able to immediately find work.  I ended up sharing an apartment in a less than desirable part of town.  I also had to wait, often at dark, for a bus to come to take me to where my job interviews were.  I can honestly say I feared for my life on a daily basis. I often cried myself to sleep.  I could not ask my parents for any more; they were already paying my rent.  My father was still upset I did not major in business or accounting.  I loved literature, but pop was right.  I did not pay the bills. I started to have conversations with God, asking him for advice, asking for help.  I frequently wrote letters to God and answered them myself.  On one particular interview, I told my future boss what I had been doing.  She asked me to bring in my questions and answers.  I was embarrassed.  They were very personal and in a very rough draft.  She loved the dialogue and hired me to proofread stories they published.  I was able to afford a new car.  With the new self-esteem, I proudly told my parents about my job.  I moved back home so that I could save up some money for a real home in a safe neighborhood.  In the meantime, I could not feel any safer. Jackie W. Camden. Click here to submit your own.

  • Family

    It seemed like I could never do right by my dad.  He was always criticizing me and giving me a hard time.  When mom was hospitalized I ended up seeing dad daily and I became more and more frustrated.  I met with a counselor who advised me to tell my dad what he was doing to me, how he was making me feel.  He only made fun of me for needing help.  I turned to God and asked for his guidance.  I asked for strength and I asked him to help my mother through her illness.  When mom took a turn for the worst, my dad seemed to open up with me.  I was the only child who lived nearby so I was the only one that was by mom’s side with him.  I think he began to appreciate that.  We reminisced about all the good times we had with mom.  Dad and I soon started having dinner together every night.  He no longer teased me. He treated me like his friend.  Although mom passed away, I don’t feel like I lost my mother, I feel like I gained my dad. Henry F. Charleston. Click here to submit your own.

  • Children

    For many years I wanted another child. It was not a medical condition or a physical issue. The road block was my wife. She had to deal with the children and she was too busy and too set in her ways. She did not want the life changing event to disrupt her otherwise happy existence. I prayed, every day for years. One day, without provocation—I had given up trying to change her mind years ago—she told me she would have another child. Now, three years later, we both realize the true joy and happiness that our fourth child brought to our entire family. Roger W. Memphis Click here to submit your own.