The Power of Prayer

Why We Pray

When a person prays and is not answered, he should not give up. One of the reasons why we pray is not to change G-d’s mind, but to change ourselves. The Chovos HaLevavos states the reason we pray is to realize everything comes from G-d. When we realize everything is dependent on G-d, it changes us to a different person. Therefore, since we are now a new person, a negative decree issued against us is no longer valid because we are no longer the same person. –Rabbi Yaakov Seltzer

Why is Israel, half the size of Delaware, with a population of just over 6 Million, always in the news?

Why is the world concerned about this 30 square mile piece of real estate and not Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, Vietnam, Malaysia? Why do you read more about Israel than all these countries combined? It is because Israel is special. Israel is blessed.

Why is it that Israel is surrounded by over a Billion Arabs that want to destroy it, yet Israel thrives? Arabs in Israel have the highest birthrates, longest lifespans, highest literacy and greatest democracy and freedom, yet the Arab world wants to destroy Israel and they cannot. Why can a country of just over 6 million defeat over one billion Arabs time and time again? Because the Land of Israel is blessed.

Why is it that Jews represent less than one tenth of one percent of the world’s population, yet Jews are awarded almost 18% of the Nobel prizes?

Why is it that Jews represent less than one tenth of one percent of the world’s population, yet Jews make up more than 18% of all Supreme Court Justices around the world?

Why is it that Jews represent less than one percent of the United States’ population, yet Jews represent more than 18% of the students at prestigious schools like Harvard, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania?

Is it because Jews are smarter, more intelligent, work harder than the rest of the world? No, it is because Jews are blessed.

Why is it that 18% of this country’s Billionaires are Jewish; more than 18% of this country’s Millionaires arte Jewish?

Are Jews more industrious, luckier or more ingenious than the rest of us? No, Jews are Blessed.

The Bible says, straight from the Jewish Torah, God will bless those that bless you [the Jewish people] and God will curse those that curse the Jewish people.

Can you use some blessing? Every bought a rabbit’s foot or searched for a four leaf clover to change your luck? Well, God also says that you can test Him with “tzedaka”. What is tzedaka? It is a Hebrew word often translated as “charity” but in fact, it means “Justice” and “Righteousness”. God tells the Jewish people that they must give ten percent of their income to tzedaka. God tells the Jewish people that the money we have, the wealth we have is not ours. It is his. We are just like bank tellers. He gives us the money and we have to distribute it as he would want us to. If we do a good job, God provides us with more money to distribute according to His will. Then, God tells us that we can test Him. We can give our ten percent and at the end of the year, we will have more money to distribute. We will be happier, wealthier, stress free and healthier.

So, here is your opportunity. Bless the Jewish People and You will be blessed. Send $18 to Israel. Support the nation of Israel and the Jewish People and you will be blessed. Do you have a big test coming up? Are you being considered for a promotion at work? Just looking for a pick me up, a new perspective on life? Bless Israel, Bless the Jewish People. God guarantees results. We guarantee results as well. If you are not completely satisfied, cancel at any time; no questions asked. If you feel that you have not been blessed, we will refund your tzedaka; no questions asked. You can mail your check for $18 to 5011 South State Road 7, Suite 106, Davie, FL 33314, or pay by credit card or PayPal.